What are Parcel Lockers?


Parcel lockers are an automated electronic “click and collect” system that securely stores packages for easy consumer retrieval. They take the customer experience to the next level, while at the same time reducing the potential risk for theft, lost packages and re-delivery attempts.



Automated parcel lockers provide an easy, three-step process to package retrieval:


1. Package is delivered and placed into the parcel locker. Recipient receives a                         notification of delivery by email or SMS.

2. Recipient enters a one-time PIN code at the locker station.

3. Door opens for package retrieval.



Returning a package is just as easy:


1. Recipient places the return label on the package.

2. The label is scanned at the locker station.

3. Locker door opens and customer places the package inside.



Automated parcel lockers provide many benefits including:


· Convenient, 24/7 access

· Total security for package delivery and reduced risk of lost packages

· Complete tracking and accountability for shippers, with a log of every

  package drop-off and pick-up – 100% chain of custody.

· Electronic log record eliminates the need for required signatures

· Consumers can select either email or text notification to receive their locker passcode.

· Reduced labour costs with fewer internal resources required for parcel management,       distribution and pick-up. Labour savings can justify the cost of the system.



A Win-Win for Managers and Consumers


According to recent studies conducted by Forrester Research Inc., U.S. online retail sales are expected to increase from $334 billion in 2015 to nearly $500 billion by 2019. Just think of what that means in terms of the number of parcels that will need to be shipped, delivered and picked up by the customer and the impact that will have on building managers, corporations and retailers.



Benefits for Apartment and Building Managers


While more and more consumers shop online, many apartments and building managers are struggling with the growing number of packages being delivered to their building. Packages must be signed for and then delivered to the resident, or the resident must be notified that a package is there for pick up. Building owners will need more space for sorting packages and storing them until they are picked up. Security and liability is also a factor to consider. All of this equals time and money, particularly in labour costs.  



Benefits for University Housing


University housing managers face these same challenges, but typically don’t have the flexibility to deliver packages to each student apartment. Students come to a central lobby or mail room to get their packages. During peak delivery periods such as move-in and exam weeks, students must often wait in long lines to pick-up their packages.


Benefits for Workplaces and Offices


As increasing numbers of shoppers choose to ship purchases to their place of work, companies are also challenged with handling increased volume. Many mail rooms deliver packages to the employee’s desk or workstation. Higher volumes mean more time, and more cost, for sorting and delivering packages that aren’t even related to the business itself.


Benefits for Retailers


Retailers who install parcel lockers adjacent to or within a brick and mortar store can not only benefit from enabling customers to pick up their e-commerce deliveries on their own schedule, but also from increased foot traffic as customers go into the store to make additional purchases.



One of the biggest benefits of parcel lockers is the total customer experience. Consumers can pick up their packages whenever it is convenient for them, without the worry of possible theft.


We believe there is a great opportunity to secure a competitive edge for your building by installing a parcel locker system. This will improve the value and security of your building for both your owner-occupiers and investors.






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